Inventions used in business management in the XIX and XX centuries
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Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna, Wydział Bezpieczeństwa, Logistyki i Zarządzania
Publication date: 2021-08-31
NSZ 2021;16(3)
Management uses many tools that facilitate the work of managers. Nowadays, such an example are computer programs that facilitate making managerial decisions, very often complicated. However, before this happened, for many decades in the daily work of managers and the entire management process, inventions created in the XIX and XX centuries were used. Many of them were developed with management in mind, and others, due to their special capabilities, were used in the office and in the work of company managers. Therefore, in the article there are selected and presented those of them that are associated with the office and for many years were equally effectively used in the work of the manager.