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„Modern Management Systems” is a scientific journal published by the Institute of Organization and Management which operates under the Faculty of Security, Logistics and Management at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw. The Management Systems Department is responsible for the journal. The first issue of the journal was released in 2006.

The editorial board accepts the publication of scientific texts, written in Polish and English language, which are devoted to theoretical and/or practical aspects of management.

After agreeing with the editorial board articles can also be submitted that are related to the field of economics, sociology, psychology, finance, logistics and technical sciences (especially ICT), and security sciences etc., if only these papers present research in the aspect of managing organizations.

Each article is reviewed by at least two independent reviewers from outside the organizational unit in which the author is affiliated (so called blind review). In case of papers written in a foreign language, at least one of the reviewers is affiliated with a foreign institution other than the nationality of the author. In order to qualify the paper for publication a must is to obtain two positive reviews.

Editorial Board of „Modern Management Systems” declares that the paper version of this journal is the original version and the electronic version is the second one.
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