Cybersecurity of ict systems in the era of widespread digitization
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Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna, Wydział Bezpieczeństwa, Logistyki i Zarządzania
Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki Stosowanej i Zarządzania w Warszawie
Online publication date: 2022-09-26
Publication date: 2022-09-26
NSZ 2022;17(3):81-98
The period of the 21st century is unprecedented in terms of developments in technology. Users of cyberspace must proactively use security preservation practices to be realistically effective and noticeable. The purpose of the article was to study the impact of rapidly advancing digitization on the cyber security of ICT systems and the awareness of their users in this regard. From the research, it was clear that there are several areas of cyber security in which steps should be taken to increase public awareness. The main area is awareness that any Internet user can be a potential target of a cyber attack. Another important area that was highlighted during the analysis of survey responses is the blatant password management policies practiced by Internet users. The following research methods and techniques were used in the article: survey method, induction method as a form of going from the particular to the general, deduction method as a form of generalization and inference, analysis of literature and statistical data. The topics discussed in the article indicate the need to conduct and develop research on how society responds to changes in cyberspace.
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